Giovanna D'Alessio


Giovanna D’Alessio, MBA, MCC, is known internationally for being a facilitator of individual and corporate transformation. She is the author of the book “Personal Mastery. The Path to Transformative Leadership.” (in Italy it has been published with the title “Il Potere di Cambiare” by RCS Etas). Giovanna is the founder and C.E.O. of Asterys, an organizational development firm with more than 80 associates in 20 countries that serves CEOs, directors and top teams of international companies in the areas of organizational and leadership culture transformation, team performance and change management.
She has been holding an ICF’s Master Certified Coach credential since 2005. She did her coach training at Coach University (Colorado), and has also conducted studies in Emotional Intelligence, Transpersonal Psychology, Systemic Constellations, Psychology of Selves, Family and Organizational Constellations, Design Thinking.
Giovanna was the first European coach to become ICF Global President in 2010. Giovanna D’Alessio’s 15 years of corporate background includes leadership positions at Saatchi & Saatchi and Yahoo! Inc..