Massimo Moretti


Massimo Moretti is a dreamer with his feet planted on the ground. Born in Massa Lombarda in 1959, tech enthusiast, in charge of research and development of innovative products for over thirty years. In 2003 he founded the CSP (Center Project Development) company dedicated to 3D design, the construction of solid printers and CNC machines. In 2012 he created WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project), a development project of 3D printing with the intent to finance the creation of a mega-printer capable of building homes in raw land. A dream crowned by BigDelta, a 12m high 3D printer which will build a technological village in Massa Lombarda in the coming months. The goal is to give a concrete foundation for the definition of “Maker Economy”, an economic model that rises from below, implantable everywhere and self-sufficient and that focuses on the philosophy of self. The WASP project is working to make accessible to everyone the production activities, with a view to equal opportunities with regard to the shared well-being, development and dissemination of technological systems for the free movement of knowledge. The challenge is to create opportunities for everyone to realize their own projects simply by downloading a file from the network. WASP for the future of 3D printing is a world where anyone who can design and build what it needs and can put it into practice in real-time.